Integrated Network Management

5 in 1 integrated network management suite

One of the recent survey on "5 key trends and challenges" conducted at ManageEngine suggested that enterprises are facing difficulty handling multiple tools for IT management along with a tight budget constraint. There are innumerous tools available in market to cater to every single problem faced by the network team or the server team or the NOC team. And buying every single tool means giving more time in configuring/managing them separately and paying extra for their maintenance. Hence, an integrated network management tool gains it's importance when the network grows and becomes more complex to manage.

OpManager Plus, 5 in 1 network management suite that includes network performance management, bandwidth and traffic analysis, network configuration management, firewall log analysis and IP address and switch port management. It gives a bird's eye view in a single dashboard for enhanced visibility and analysis and drills down into each aspect of network management.

Why OpManager Plus?


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