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Ensuring business-critical applications are able to function efficiently and effortlessly is fundamental for providing an optimal end-user experience. A lot of things that could drain your bandwidth can take a toll on critical functions. It's imperative that organizations monitor and plan their bandwidth use and analyze network traffic to ensure hassle-free network performance.

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Identify IPs and their VPN bandwidth consumption

Visibility: Identifying top users

With real-time bandwidth utilization monitoring, and traffic pattern analysis, NetFlow Analyzer helps you track and identify the top talkers, apps, conversations, and IPs in your network that consume the most bandwidth.

Track destinations your VPN IPs land on

Alerts: Getting notified in real-time

With NetFlow Analyzer's Alarms feature, you can set threshold-based alerts and get notified every time there is a violation. Receive severity-based real-time notifications via SMS, email, or through auto-assigned SDP tickets.

Track active VPN sessions

Traffic Shaping: Prioritizing critical traffic

Optimize your network bandwidth by establishing quality of service (QoS) policies that best suit your network, and ensure your business-critical applications are prioritized with NetFlow Analyzer's traffic shaping capabilities.

Identify VPN bandwidth trends

Network Security: Detecting attacks

Make sure you are not caught off-guard by zero-day attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, botnets, port-scans, or unknown worms. With NetFlow Analyzer's Advanced Security Analytics module, detect these threats before they affect your entire network.

Identify VPN bandwidth trends

Capacity Planning: Knowing exactly what you need

NetFlow Analyzer helps you predict and plan your bandwidth requirements based on usage patterns and application growth trends over extended time periods. This helps you understand your organization's bandwidth needs and underlying bandwidth issues.

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