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Upgrade to the latest version of NetFlow Analyzer

Version 12.6.315  

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Upgrade path for previous versions | Steps to apply service pack | README | Find my build number

We recommend users to move to the latest version NetFlow Analyzer 12.6.315 (Build 126315). In case, you are in previous build, follow below table.

Download Service Packs

Current build Upgrade path to the latest build
126000 & above Install the service pack to move to the latest build.
125000 to 125659 Install the service pack to move to the build 126005.
124000 to 124196 Install the service pack to move to the build 125012
12300 - 123329 Install the service pack to move to the build 124006
123137 & above Install service pack to move to build 123329
12200/201 Fill this form to download the service pack to move to build 123137(For Enterprise Edition)
12100 and earlier Contact

Instructions to apply Upgrade / Service Pack

The following instructions is to upgrade NetFlow Analyzer.

Note: Taking a backup is essential to revert to the existing build without any loss of data if the upgrade fails due to unexpected reasons.

Steps to backup database

Mysql/Postgres Database:

MSSQL Database:

For NetFlow Analyzer Enterprise Edition:

Post Migration Check

Clear the web browser cache before trying to access the web client.

How do I find out my Build number?

Locate NetFlow Build number 

  1. In the Web Client, click on the Administrator/User icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Search for the Build Number among the product details listed in the About tab.
  3. Check the image guide above to locate the build number.



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