Associating Deployment Task to remote office

After replicating the images the next step is to custimize the image for deployment. If you have already created a deployment template with that image, you can use the same template for deployment. If you haven't created any template with the image, you can create new templates. Refer this document to know more about how to create deployment templates. After creating the deployment template, you have to create a deployment task with that template to perform deployment. To learn more about creating deployment task, click here. You can also use the existing deployment task of the image. To associate the deployment task with the image follow the steps given below,

  1. Under Deployment, select Deployment Task under Deploy Image. 
  2. Click Actions on the deployment task for which you want to associate the remote office. In Actions, select Modify.
  3. Select the Remote offices view in the left hand side. Select the remote offices where you want to perform the image deployment and save the task.

    Note: Only the remote offices where the image configured in the template has been replicated, will be displayed in the list.

Based on the settings configured in the deployment task, deployment will be initiated in the target computers of remote office.