Configuring Huawei DHCP

To configure the DHCP server for a PXE boot, follow the steps given below.

  1. From the DHCP server, execute the System view command.
  2. Run the DHCP enable command to enable DHCP.
  3. Then, run the ip-pool-name command to create a global address view.
  4. Run the gateway-list ip-address command to set an egress gateway address for DHCP clients.
  5. Run the network ip-address [ mask { mask | mask-length } ] command to specify the range of IP addresses to be allocated to DHCP clients.
  6. Run the option code [ sub-option sub-code ] { ascii ascii-string | hex hex-string | cipher cipher-string | ip-address ip-address } command to configure DHCP Option 66, 67.
  7. Now under 66 and 67, configure the settings as follows;
  8.  Option  Configuration
    66  IP address of the central server  / Distribution server (in case of remote office)
    67  ascii boot\\pxeboot.n12 (Legacy)
    67  ascii EFI\\Boot\\bootx64.efi (For 64 Bit UEFI)
    67  ascii EFI\\Boot\\bootx32.efi (For 32 Bit UEFI)
  9. Commit the changes and save.