How to copy media to USB drive connected to remote machine?

If the USB drive is connected to a remote machine and you want to copy media to that USB drive, follow the steps given below, 

  1. Open server web console in the remote machine.
  2. Under Admin, select Create PE media and in the drop down select USB.
  3. Specify the details to create media and select Create Bootable Media. This will store the media in the server path in the zipped file format. 
  4. Go to Actions at the created media, click Download and select local office or remote office. This will download the media in the zipped file format.
  5. To locate the downloaded zip file, go to the default download location of the browser and search for your media file name.
  6. Extract the zip file.
  7. Open the extracted folders, select "USBCopy.bat".
  8. Run this bat file in command prompt using administrator privileges. List of removable disks will be displayed. 
  9. Select the drive to copy USB media. 
  10. It is recommended to format disk before copying media. Enter Yes to format the disk. 
  11. Enter Yes to copy media.

    Media has been successfully copied to the USB drive. You can use the media to perform deployment and offline imaging on any computer.