How to fix system booting issues after successful OS deployment?

This document will explain the steps to fix booting issues after successful OS deployment.


Ensure that the required OS partition and system reserved partitions are selected while creating the image and deployment template. If not, create a new image without de-selecting the default partitions or select all the available partitions and create a new deployment template using that image and try deployment.

Ensure that the following BIOS settings are the same in both source & target machine's,

  • Boot firmware mode
  • Secure boot mode
  • SATA settings
If the issue still persists even after following the above steps, follow the steps given below, 
  1. Downloan the XML from this link in the machine where Desktop Central server is installed. 
  2. From the downladed XML files, copy DisableSATARegistry.xml and EnableSATARegistry.xml files and paste them in the installation path DesktopCentral_Server\bin
  3. Open Windows command prompt and execute the command - ExecuteQuery.bat DisableSATARegistry.xml
  4. Try deployment after disbling the settings. If issue still persistes try deployment after enabling the settings using command - ExecuteQuery.bat DisableSATARegistry.xml
If the issue still persists even after following the above steps, please contact support with server logs and Deployment status UI screenshot.