Pre-requisites while performing network deployment

Network deployment allows you to simulataneous initiate deployment to your network computers using a PXE server. Network deployment is ideally suited in cases when you want to perform deployment on multiple computers simultaneously. Ensure that you follow the prerequisites given below before initiating network deployment on your target computers.

Create latest PXE media

Network deployment is routed using a PXE media. This PXE media will boot the target computers into the Preinstallation Network Environment to perfrom deployment. This media will also contain the WinPE tool, which will act as a temporary OS in the targer computer during the process of deployment. Ensure that you create the latest PXE media by following the steps given in this document

Monitor PXE Server status

Ensure that PXE server is running in the machines where OS Deployer server and distribution server is installed. Note that this PXE server will be prebundled