How to select deployment preference while creating deployment templates?

While creating the deployment template you can select the deployment preference to deploy the image in the target's disk. This setting will allow you to perform deployment in the target computer in the methods given below,

Completely erase the target computers partition and perform deployment

On selecting this option, the disk partition will be completely erased and the deployment will be carried out in the target computer. You can choose this type of deployment in the following scenarios,

  1. When you are deploying the image to a new computer.
  2. When you want to completely delete the partition and perform deployment. Note that once the partition is deleted, the data cannot be reverted.

Add as New or Overwrite the partition 

On selecting this option, you can either deploy the image as a new partition or overwrite on any existing partition.

You can choose to deploy the partition as new partition in the following scenario,

  1. When replacing a computer to an existing employee, after deploying the OS image in the new computer you might want to deploy some data partitions from the employee's old computer.


To deploy the partition as new partition, you have to ensure the following,

  1. An unallocated partition should be available to deploy as new partition.
  2. If multiple unallocated space is available in the disk, the image will be deployed on the largest unallocated space. 
  3. If you are planning to deploy the data partition after deploying the golden image, ensure that you disable disk adjustment settings while creating the Golden image deployment template.

You can choose to overwrite the partition in the following scenarios,

  1. To replace the existing partition with a new data.
  2. When the existing partition is corrupted or damaged. 
  3. While replacing a corrupted OS.
  4. While upgrading the OS of a system by replacing OS partition.


  1. Ensure that the destination partition size is greater or equal to the size of the new partition. 
  2. While overwriting/replacing OS/System partition, ensure that the disk partition style is compatible. 
  3. While overwriting the partition, the available space will be completely utilized for the deployment process. 

You have to configure "Modify Partition Settings" to choose whether to deploy the partition as new or to overwrite on any existing ones. 

  1. Select Modify Deployment settings. The settings box will open.
  2. Now slide the option to deploy and select Save. If you are choosing to Overwrite the partition, ensure that you specify the target computer's partition number which has to be overwritten.

    Note: Ensure that you specify the correct partition number to overwrite the partition, else the deployment will fail. If you specify the incorrect partition number, deployment will happen on the incorrect partition. Refer this document to know how to find the partition number.