Steps to automatically install Endpoint Central agent after OS deployment

By configuring the post deployment activities while customizing the image, you can add Endpoint Central agent executables in "Add applications" section to automatically install agent after successful OS deployment. This involves two steps:

  1. Downloading the Agent executable file
  2. Adding the Agent executable file

Downloading the Agent executable file

Follow the steps given below to download the agent executable file.

  1. In the web console, navigate to Admin -> Scope of Management -> Computers
  2. Click Download Agent
  3. Select the Remote office where the agent is to be installed
  4. Under Install field, select Agent
  5. Under the Platform field, select Windows and click Download Agent

Adding the Agent executable file

After downloading the above file, follow the steps given below to add the file for deployment:

  1. In the web-console, navigate to Admin, select Add Applications.
  2. Select Add application, specify the application name as Endpoint central agent executable. 
  3. Upload the downloaded Endpoint Central agent executable file
  4. Specify the silent switch command using the name of the downloaded file.

    For example, LocalOffice_Agent.exe /silent

  5. Under Imaging & deployment, select Customize deployment and select create deployment template.
  6. Select the required image and configure the post deployment activities. Refer this document for more details.
  7. To install Endpoint Central agent executable, Go to "Select application to install in target computer" and click Add applications in the right hand side. 
  8. Select the Endpoint Central agent executable application which we have added using the above steps.
  9. Select Create Deployment template. Once you deploy the image using this template, agent will be automatically installed on the target computers where you have performed deployment. 

After successful image deployment, applications will be installed on the target computer.