Deployment via Instant task


Deploy images by creating Instant task. The tasks created here will be always alive with active passcodes unless the task is deleted. Follow the steps given below to add Instant task,


  • Under Deployment, click on Instant Task and select Add Instant Task.
  • To add a Deployment task,
    1. Deployment Template
      • Specify a unique name for the deployment task.
      • Select the deployment template using which you have customized the image. You will be able to view the details of the deployment template now.
    2. Remote Office
      • You can select the remote office(s) where you want to deploy the image using the deployment task.
      • Ensure that the selected image in the template is successfully replicated in the remote office, before adding to the deployment task.
    3. Deployment Mode

      You can deploy the image using the generated passcode. The code is active for deployment usage, until the task is deleted.

      By generating passcode:
      • You can generate a unique 4-digit code and enter this code in the target computer to deploy the image.
      • Ensure that the target computer connects to the ManageEngine Endpoint Central OS Deployer server.
      • You can also view the authentication code, set for various deployment tasks in the deployment tasks view.
      • Create the task and use the passcode to perform any deployment. You can view the status of deployment under the Deployment Status tab.

Note: In Instant Task, only unicast method of deployment is supported.