Remotely waking up computers

You have to ensure the following to remotely wake up the target computers for deployment.  

  1. Wake on LAN is configured in BIOS settings in all the target computers.
  2. For Windows 8 and above OS, configure OS level settings for Wake on LAN.
  3. Target computers are connected to the network.
  4. Target computers are connected to the power source.
  5. Ensure that required boot sequence is configured in BIOS settings

Configuring Wake on LAN

You have to configure wake On LAN in BIOS and OS settings. This is the commonly used steps, however these steps might vary for different manufacturers.

Enabling BIOS settings

  • After turning on the computer, go to the BIOS setting screen by pressing the F1, INS, or DEL keys.
  • Select Power Management.
  • Choose Wake on LAN/WLAN
  • Under Wake on LAN/WLAN, choose LAN or WLAN.

    Note: If you could see a mode called "Deep Sleep Mode", ensure that it is disabled. This mode is generally not found in all the computers.

  • Save and Exit the BIOS settings.

Enabling OS settings

For some Windows OS,  the Wake ON LAN feature of network adapters can be enabled using drivers. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable Wake on LAN using OS settings:

  1. Go to Properties and select Device Manager
  2. Under Network Adapters, select "Ethernet Adapter & Wireless Adapter"

    Note: The below mentioned operation needs to be performed on both "the Ethernet and Wireless Adapters"

  3. Right Click on Ethernet & Wireless Adapter, select properties and click Power Management tab
  4. Enable the following options:
    • Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
    • Allow this device to wake the computer
    • Only allow a magic packet to wake this computer
  5. Click OK to save the settings.

For Windows 8 and above OS:

In addition to BIOS and OS settings, few other settings are needed to be performed on machines with Windows 8 and above OS. Follow the steps given below to disable fast startup.

  1. Go to Control Panel  and select Power Options.
  2. Select Choose what the power buttons do.
  3. Select Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  4. Go to Shutdown settings and disable Turn on fast startup.
  5. Click Save changes.

Network Adapter Settings:

  1. Go to Device Manager->Network Adapters->Ethernet Adapter->Advanced
  2. Disable "Energy Efficient Ethernet"
  3. Enable "Wake on Magic Packets"