Deployment failed - insufficient target hard disk.

Your deployment fails with this error message, if the target hard disk is lesser in size than the total size of partitions selected in the deployment template.

Note : For you to be able to successfully deploy an image to the target computer, you need to ensure that the imaged partition size is equal or lesser than the size of the target hard disk. You can have the partition size verified by clicking on the image name. Also, ensure you have into account the original size of the partitions selected in the deployment template instead of the used space.

How do I resolve this issue?

Follow the suggestions below to resolve the issue.

  1. While creating an image using online imaging, use the "Shrink partitions and start imaging" option toshrink the partition and proceed with the image creation.
  2. You can also employ the techniques by Windows to manually shrink the partitions, and create an image and have it deployed.
  3. If are unable to shrink the partitions, recreate an image setup by allocating appropriate partition size during the installation, create an image and try deploying.