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Password Manager ProPassword Manager Pro MSP Edition » Features

Highlights of Password Manager Pro MSP Edition

Password Storage, Management & Workflow

Store all your enterprise passwords - privileged accounts, shared accounts, firecall accounts and others in the secure, centralized repository.

Securely manage shared accounts such as 'Administrator' on Windows, 'root' on Unix/Linux, 'enable' on Cisco, 'sa' on SQL and others.

Request-release controls for password retrieval. Provision for granting time-limited access, exclusive privilege and concurrency controls.

Password Sharing, User Provisioning & Management

Well-defined ownership for the passwords stored in the centralized vault. Provision for selective sharing of passwords on need basis.
Import users / user groups from Windows Active Directory or LDAP and also leverage the authentication mechanism.
Fine-grained restrictions on managing resources and passwords stored in PMP. Restrictions are enforced based on predefined user roles.

Remote Password Reset

Automated Password Resets  
Enforce Password Policy
Wide Range of Target Systems
Reset the passwords of remote resources from Password Manager Pro web-interface as and when required or automatically through scheduled tasks.
Ensure usage of strong passwords and periodic resets by creating and enforcing your password policy.
Supports out-of-the-box a wide range of target systems, databases, network devices for access control and automatic password resets.
Application-to-Application Password Management  
Windows Service Accounts Management
Post-Password Reset Custom Script Execution
Any application or script can query PMP and retrieve passwords to connect with other applications or databases, eliminating hard-coded passwords.
Automatically identify and reset the passwords of service accounts associated with domain accounts.
Option to automatically execute custom scripts to carry out any follow-up action after a password reset action.

Privileged Session Management, Remote Access & Auto Logon

Users can launch highly secure, reliable and completely emulated Windows RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions from browser without any plug-in or agent software.
Privileged sessions launched from PMP can be completely video recorded, archived and played back for forensic audits.
Automatically log on to the target systems, websites and applications directly from the PMP web interface without copying and pasting of passwords.

Audit, Compliance & Reports

Complete record of 'who', 'what'
and 'when' of password access. Intuitive reports on entire password management scenario in your enterprise.
Import users / user groups from Windows Active Directory or LDAP and also leverage the authentication mechanism.
Reports on the violations with respect to the use and management of privileged passwords based on the requirements of PCI-DSS.

Secure and Enterprise Ready

Extremely Secure & Reliable
Mobile Access
All passwords & sensitive data are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Dual encryption for extra security. Can be configured to run in FIPS 140-2 compliant
Enforcing two successive stages of authentication for logging in to PMP. Usual authentication is the first stage. Various options provided for the second stage.
Retrieve passwords and approve requests on the go. Provision for secure offline access.

Disaster Recovery & High Availability

Live Backup
  High Availability Architecture  
Secure Offline Access
Provision for both scheduled and live  backup of entire database for disaster recovery.
Uninterrupted access to enterprise passwords through the deployment of redundant server and database instances. (A single Premium or Enterprise Edition license is enough for High Availability).
Retrieve passwords even when there is no internet connectivity. The offline copy is as secure as the online version. Offline access is available in mobile app too.

Made for MSPs

Multi-tenant Architecture
No Configuration Effort
Provision to manage customers' IT assets from a single console, yet achieve complete segregation.   The MSP Edition is completely aligned with the business goals of MSPs - no configuration effort, affordable and highly secure.