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First-in-class Remote Login

Organizations are deploying privileged password management solutions to mitigate cyber threats and control access to sensitive IT resources. Access requirements themselves, meanwhile, are changing in response to evolving business demands such as partners and contractors who need to access internal resources.

In turn, IT is seeking solutions that are secure, easy to use and let end users launch a remote login session with a single click, regardless of the target system type or authentication method and, at times, without disclosing the passwords.

Password Manager Pro precisely helps achieve this. PMP employs first-in-class, remote login mechanisms to deliver on both ease-of-use and security. From any HTML5-compatible browser, users can launch highly secure, reliable and completely emulated Windows RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions with a single click, without the need for additional plug-in or agent software. Desktop, laptop and tablet devices - including the Apple iPad - can take advantage of improved remote login.

Remote connections are tunneled through the Password Manager Pro server, requiring no direct connectivity between the user device and remote host. In addition to superior reliability, the tunneled connectivity provides extreme security as passwords needed to establish remote sessions do not need to be available at the user's browser.

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