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User profile management

User profile management

The Human Resources (HR) department in most organizations would go to any length just to have a directory replete with accurate and up-to-date employee profiles. But in reality, they have to work mostly with incorrect or out-dated information. An easy solution to this issue would be to assign an IT help desk official to the mundane task of manually updating user information. But this is hardly a good solution.

Force users to self-update personal information

The directory self-update feature of ADSelfService Plus effectively solves the aforementioned problem. It ensures that the required information is in Active Directory (AD) by forcing users to update important fields when they log on to the user portal. Users aren't allowed to switch tabs until they have updated the required fields. This provides the HR department with up-to-date, accurate information which will come in handy in emergency circumstances.

Highlights of the Active Directory self-update feature

User profile updates in real-time

Allow users to update their personal information in real time in Active Directory without intervention from your help desk. This will ensure that information is immediately available to the HR department for administrative purposes, and for other colleagues when they use the "employee search" feature.

Get the information you need

Extract information from all your employees in the format your HR department prefers. To give you an example, the HR teams in some companies would want certain fields like name, employee ID, and contact information to be present in the user profiles. They might also prefer mobile numbers over home phone numbers. By factoring in all the requirements of the HR team while designing the layout, you can easily end up with standardized end user profiles in your Active Directory.

Build your own custom layouts

Employ drag and drop GUI elements, mandatory fields, hints, pre-populated fields, and more to build an effective layout that will give you greater control over how the user inputs information. Furthermore, though flat organizations have become the norm, many big corporations and family-run businesses still retain a more traditional hierarchical organizational structure. In such cases, a single custom layout can't be used to gather information from every user in the organization. Different layouts must be meticulously designed to reflect the nuances of the jobs people hold. For instance, a layout used for a manager can't be used for an employee reporting to that manager. The directory self-update feature solves the problem by letting you design different layouts for different OUs and groups.

Play with modification rules

Automatically update specific attributes in your custom layout based on the changes users make to their personal information in the My Info tab. If the entries made by your users satisfy the rules designed by you, then these attributes are automatically assigned a value set by you. For example, you can auto-populate the manager field in your custom layout when a user is from the sales department. All you have to do is set the condition to be satisfied as Department is Sales and the value to be auto-populated as Update Manager to John. Likewise, you can create rules to automatically update any field based on your requirements.

User profile photo update

Enable users to set their own profile photos while updating their profile information. This will help colleagues easily identify a user's profile when searching for them. This option ensures that once the photo is updated in Active Directory, it also gets reflected in the user's Outlook Web Access profile. You can also restrict the size of photos by defining the size and dimensions they have to fit to be uploaded if you are concerned that the photos will eat up a lot of memory.

Get reports delivered straight to your inbox

Schedule and generate reports to get precise information on which users have used ADSelfService Plus to self update their profiles during a specified time period. You can also export these reports to multiple formats such as CSV, PDF, XLS, HTML, and CSVDE and have them delivered to your email address.

Auto-populate Active Directory attributes for users based on predefined rules.

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