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End-to-end product customization

Everyone likes to use an app that feels like it was built for them. ADSelfService Plus offers a plethora of customization options so you can shape the product based on your needs. Modify the look and feel of the desktop and mobile versions of ADSelfService Plus to make your users feel right at home.

Desktop customization

Log in to multiple domains from a single page

Do you have multiple domains configured in ADSelfService Plus? Let users select the domain of their choice, right from the login page. While most password management products force admins to choose a default domain, ADSelfService Plus gives admins the flexibility to select a different domain during every login.

A specific domain isn't listed on the login page? No problem. Users can log in to a different domain just by including the domain name in their username. For example, consider a user (username "john") who wants to log in to the "abctech" domain. To log in to the "abctech" domain, which is not listed on the page, the user can simply enter "abctech\john" as their username. 

Customize the end user login page

Completely revamp the look of ADSelfService Plus using the rebranding option. You can even replace the ADSelfService Plus logo with a personalized logo. Change the theme color, font style, browser title (including the image), and password policy messages to meet your requirements. 

Integrate Outlook Web App (OWA) and SharePoint with ADSelfService Plus

By integrating OWA and SharePoint with ADSelfService, you can add a password reset option to either application's login page.

Usernames aren't the only way!

Usernames and passwords are the classic combination of login credentials. With ADSelfService Plus, administrators can allow users to provide other unique attributes (phone number, email address, account name, etc.) in place of a username. Administrators can also choose to accept other attributes, such as a nickname, city name, or social security number, in lieu of usernames. For example, pet name, city name, or social security number can be added as a replacement for a username.

Hide help documents from users

Skeptical that users won't use certain ADSelfService Plus features, or just worried about overwhelming them? Hide specific features from users, including the enrollment and personalization tabs. Worried users will find out about hidden features in ADSelfService Plus' help guide? You can hide the "help button" from end users as well.

Restrict the admin login page to select IP addresses

By default, the ADSelfService Plus login portal shows both the admin and user login pages. Prevent unauthorized users from attempting to log in to the admin page by restricting the admin login page to trusted devices. All you have to do is configure a trusted IP address or range of IP addresses. This prevents undesired admin page logins and helps to easily zero in on users who tamper with product settings.

Mobile customization

With the world working on the go, ADSelfService Plus also runs along with you, solving your password-related issues no matter where you are. Users can access ADSelfService Plus using mobile phones via our mobile app or mobile site. Control which users can access what mobile platforms using ADSelfService Plus' built-in customization options.

Customize the mobile login page

Adjust ADSelfService Plus' mobile settings to change the product logo and customize the login page for the ADSelfService Plus mobile app. Restrict users from performing certain actions from the login screen (password reset, account unlock, or password change) by selecting the actions that should be available to them, along with the order they must appear. UI names of the actions can also be customized. For example, 'Password change' can be modified to 'Click to change your password' or any convenient text. Preview the customized page before making it live to see exactly what your users will see.

Restrict mobile app access

Users can download the ADSelfService Plus mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store to access the product anywhere at anytime. But with the world reeling from a multitude of dire online attacks, you might want to restrict users' mobile access. ADSelfService Plus provides an option to hide the mobile app access option so that users won't be able to configure server settings in the mobile app.

Restrict mobile site access

Mobile browsers and websites deploy cookies to log user information. With just a single click, you can prevent your users from accessing the ADSelfService Plus mobile site to avoid any unwanted logging of pertinent information. This saves you from intruders who are always on the look out for ways to gain entry into systems.

ADSelfService Plus' customization features don't end here. Try our online product demo for a complete overview.

Customize the end-user portal in a few clicks.

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Password self-service

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by allowing them to self-service their password resets/ account unlock tasks. Hassle-free password change for Active Directory users with ADSelfService Plus ‘Change Password’ console. 

One identity with Single sign-on

Get seamless one-click access to 100+ cloud applications. With enterprise single sign-on, users can access all their cloud applications with their Active Directory credentials. Thanks to ADSelfService Plus! 

Password/Account Expiry Notification

Intimate Active Directory users of their impending password/account expiry by mailing them these password/account expiry notifications.

Password Synchronizer

Synchronize Windows Active Directory user password/account changes across multiple systems, automatically, including Office 365, G Suite, IBM iSeries and more. 

Password Policy Enforcer

Ensure strong user passwords that resist various hacking threats with ADSelfService Plus by enforcing Active Directory users to adhere to compliant passwords via displaying password complexity requirements.

Directory Self-UpdateCorporate Search

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information and a quick search facility to scout for information about peers by using search keys, like contact number, of the personality being searched.


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