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Duo Security

Duo Security

Why do we need multifactor authentication? 

You already know how important it is to keep passwords secure, but it's not just passwords that need to be protected. With each passing day the number of malware attacks increases. While you should focus mainly on maintaining a smart and secure password, you also have to prioritize safeguarding users' identities—which, if compromised, could also lead to network breaches. 

To ensure users' password reset and account unlock operations are secure, you need to deploy an additional layer of security with multifactor authentication. 

Duo Security

Multifactor authentication in ADSelfService Plus supports Duo Security, a widely-trusted access platform that secures organizations by verifying users' identities. As an administrator, you can configure Duo Security for users in your domain in less than a minute. 

Duo Security

When the authentication process is enabled, users will have to enroll with Duo Security for multifactor authentication. They can choose a mode of communication, according to their convenience, which will be used to authenticate their identity. Then, they will be able to reset passwords or unlock accounts.

Duo Security

The modes of communications users can choose from are:

  • A passcode sent via push notification
  • A passcode sent via SMS
  • A call placed to any landline or mobile phone

Upon successful verification, users will be able to self-service their passwords and accounts.  Is your Active Directory ready for Duo Security? 


Other features

Self Reset Password

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by letting them self-service the password reset task. Password reset just a click away with ADSelfService Plus!

Self Unlock Account

Free Active Directory users from lengthy help desk calls with ADSelfService Plus's self-account unlock option. Unlocking an account with ADSelfService Plus is child's play!

Corporate Directory Search

A quick search facility that enables Active Directory users to scout for information about peers by using search keys like phone no., e-mail id, first/ last name of the personality being searched.

Automatic Password Reset/ Account Unlock

Free Active Directory users of 'remembering account/password expiry' issue with 'automatic password reset/account unlock' feature that automates password reset/account unlock task for users.


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