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Password Expiry

Password Expiry Notification Software

An important aspect of ADSelfService Plus (password self-service software), Password Expiry Notifier looks up the Active Directory for user accounts whose passwords are about to expire and emails the account owners a notification recommending password change. Not just password expiration date, the end-users can also be notified of their account status. (This Active Directory password expiration reminder tool is helpful especially for VPN or OWA users. Its password expiration reminder mails are customizable!)

Administrators may very well choose when and how many times to remind the users about their expiring passwords, ensuring neither their poor memory nor the habit of postponing things to the last moment comes in the way of restoring the passwords!

More popularly known as "Soon-To-Expire Password/Account Notification", this feature holds a greater significance, especially, for out-of-premises users such as VPN and Outlook Web Access (OWA) users. Since Windows (Active Directory) has no special arrangement to apprise them of their password or account status, they are stranded whenever their passwords or accounts expire and forced to call the helpdesk.

Features of Password Expiry Notifier:

  • Not just Windows Active Directory password expiration mails, but the Password Expiry Notifier also sends emails about an impending user account expiry.
  • Configurable and automatic: You can specify when the system should check Active Directory for soon-to-expire passwords or how advanced an email notification should be.
  • Supports "phased password expiry notification". This is quite an effective method of provoking users to change passwords before it's too late.
  • Set up separate password expiration reminder policies for Managers or other officials of higher ranks.
  • Configurable Messages: Customize the password change reminder mails as you desire, such as keeping them a little more imperative when it is really close to password expiration date.
  • Get prompt reports on the delivery status of password change reminders.
  • ADSelfService Plus Password Expiry Notifier offers password (or account) expiry notification for Windows 7 too.

Password/ Account Expiry Notifier is also an important instrument that helps ADSelfService Plus immensely in realizing its goal of "near zero password reset tickets in your organization". And it is also a "freedom from writing password expiry notification scripts" for administrators! Once deployed, Password Expiry Notifier obliterates all the issues related to end-user password expiration, especially from VPN and OWA users!

Life without Password Expiry Notifier:

Take the case of a 1000-strong organization, where 200 users — half of them holding key positions in the organization such as managers — are always on the move or work from home. Imagine this organization deploying a password self-service solution which does not offer password expiration & change reminders and is not available for service over extranet. Now, the helpdesk would be forced to be at the beck and call of these users when their passwords expire, since most of them are key players and cannot afford downtime. Moreover, the helpdesk is still taking 200 calls related to passwords despite deploying a password self-service solution!

On the other hand, a soon-to-expire password notification system would avoid any possible downtime, saving a lot of frustration. And remember, the managers of an organization are the most likeliest to live by the adage "Prevention is Better than Cure" and therefore heed the notifications.

ADSelfService Plus´ Imperative & Phased Password Expiry Notifications:

As it is highly unlikely that a user will respond to one-time password change reminder, ADSelfService Plus Password Expiry Notifier allows you to phase reminder mails at different intervals. For instance, you can choose to email the first password expiration reminder when it is 15 days to password expiry; second, when it is 10 days to password expiry; third, when it is 7 days; fourth, 3 days; and fifth and final, when it is 1 day to password expiry. You can even make the content of the email more imperative every time! (This system of sending multiple password expiry notification email has a better success rate in getting end-users to change their passwords before it´s too late.)

Here is a snapshot of how you can do it:

Password Expiry Notification

OU-based Password Expiry & Password Change Reminders:

Needs differ! For that reason our Password Expiry Notification system allows you to set a unique reminder policy for every OU! If you do not want to harangue the higher officials of the organization with frequent password expiry and change reminders, set a separate and less imperative reminder policy for them (that is, the OUs to which they belong). In fact, you can set a unique password change reminder policy for every OU, if you desired so!


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