Patch Installation Failure - Incorrect hash value - 0x80091007


When installing the deployed patches on the client machines through SCCM, the installation fails with error code 0x80091007 and with the error message "The hash value is not correct (failed to download/failed to install)"


This error could occur for the following reasons:

  1. The Anti-virus software might be blocking the CCMCACHE folder.
  2. Remaining Disk space might be insufficient.
  3. A valid package might not be available at the Distribution point.


To resolve this issue,

  1. Exclude the CMCACHE folder from Anti-virus policies. Anti-virus policies might lock up the files in SCCM Cache, preventing SCCM to perform hash checks.
  2. Make sure you have sufficient Disk space before distributing packages.
  3. To make sure you have a valid package, remove the existing package from the Distribution point and redistribute the package.
  4. Below are the steps to delete an existing package and redistribute it

    • Navigate from the SCCM console to Software Library > Software updates > Deployment package. Right-click on Deployment package and select Show Members

    • Patch installation failure


    • Select the Deployment option.

    • Patch installation failure


    • Delete the Deployment.

    • Patch installation failure


    • Delete the Package as well.

    • Patch installation failure


    • After deleting the deployment and package, make sure that the columns Downloaded and Deployed are marked No.

    • Patch installation failure


    • Once the above steps are completed, kindly create a new deployment.

In case the issue isn't resolved, kindly Contact Support

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