Patch Publish Failure - Failed to sign package 2147942403




When trying to publish third party patches using Patch Connect Plus, you receive an error that says "Failed to sign package 2147942403".


The occurrence of this error is most likely to happen when the WSUSContent folder from the registry is different than the SUSDB database.


Here is how you can validate the exact cause for this error:

1. Check the value of WSUS ContentDir in the Registry check, navigate using the below mentioned path.

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Update Services\Server\Setup:ContentDir

Failed to sign package 2147942403

2. Check the value in the SUSDB run the following query in SQL Management Studio.

Navigate to tbConfigurationB and then select 'LocalContentCacheLocation'

Failed to sign package 2147942403


Once the cause of error has been established, you can follow any one of the below resolutions to fix it.

1. If the value is correct in the registry and only the database value is wrong, change the path using the below query as example.

Example query: change your WSUS content location

"Update tbConfigurationB Set LocalContentCacheLocation = ‘C:\WsusContentPath\WsusContent’"

2. If the value is correct in the database and only the registry value is wrong, move WSUS content path

Step 1: On the system where you have installed WSUS server open command prompt with administrative privileges.

Step 2: Navigate to %programfiles%\update services\tools and execute the command - WSUSUtil.exe movecontent

 Note: The below applies for moving the content to the original folder,

<content path> = Drive letter of WSUS folder location (i.e. C:\WSUS)

<log path> = Drive letter of log path with log file specified (i.e. C:\Temp\move.log)

Example Cmnd: WSUStil.exe movecontent C:\Temp\move.log