How to migrate a central server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?

While planning to migrate your Central Server, data loss becomes a threatening concern. This document will provide you the steps to migrate your central server without losing any data.

Agent contacts the server using the following details of the machine in which server is installed:

  • Machine name
  • FQDN
  • IP address

If any of these details are changed, the agents will contact the server in the next refresh cycle and update the new details of the server automatically provided atleast one of the details remain same and server should be reachable by all agents. This eliminates the need for server migration.

Note: Do not install an EXE in the new computer; you should only copy the installation directory to the new computer.

For information about the system requirements, read this section.

Steps for migration vary with respect to the version you are currently using. Click on the suitable build number to know the steps. Update to the latest version here.

      1. Use existing server's FQDN / IP address.
        • In this method, you will assign your current server's FQDN/Machine Name/IP address to a new computer. As the existing server details are used, agent-server communication will not be interrupted and the existing server machine can be immediately shutdown.
        • Read this page, for the steps to migrate your server using this method.
      2. Change server's FQDN / IP Address
        • In this method, you will provide the IP, FQDN and machine name of the computer to which you wish to migrate your central server. Your existing server set-up has to be running as your agents will communicate with the existing server and fetch the FQDN, Machine Name and IP Address of the new server.
        • Read this page, for the steps to migrate your server using this method.

Update to the latest version here and then proceed with server migration steps as mentioned above.


  • To migrate the central server from once drive/location to another, click here.
  • To migrate your central server architecture from 32 bit to 64 bit click here.


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  1. How do I know if the migration process is complete?

    To ensure that all the agents are migrated to the new server, Check the "Last contact time" column in SoM page. (If you are not seeing this column, choose to view from the Column Chooser). The last contact time must be after the server migration has been enabled.

  2. When Should I stop the Old Server?

    Once all the agents starts reporting to the new server, you can stop and uninstall the central server at the previous installation.

  3. How do verify if the migration has been done correctly?

    To cross check whether the server migration has been done correctly, try accessing the web console at http://oldserver:port from a web browser. If the migration process has been successful, it will automatically be redirected to http://newserver:port.

  4. What if I have wrongly entered the Server details? How do I change it?

    After enabling server migration, if any changes are to be made about the new server details, then follow the steps below :
    1. In the old server, edit server-migrate.conf file present in <Install_Dir>\UEMS_Server\conf\ folder.
    2. The file contains the new server details in Key=Value format; make the required changes and save.
    3. Execute "server-migration.bat enable" from the bin folder