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Application Blacklisting is a common phenomenon in enterprises today. IT Teams often face the challenging task of curbing the usage of certain applications. Business users collaborate through e-mail, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer applications leading to threats of malware and data breaching. Also, some of the most commonly blocked applications include gaming and social networking applications, whose presence/usage by employees are considered to contribute to serious productivity losses apart from raising compliance issues. There are various other applications controlled by employers such as Skype, Torrent and more that consume a lot of network bandwidth and bring down the system performance. Therefore to block applications is not a choice anymore, rather a mandatory routine that organizations perform.

Endpoint Central's IT Asset Management software helps in restricting the usage of blacklisted applications as well as portable executable, which can be accessed without installation. With application control by blocking exe programs, IT Teams can tackle any issues that the presence of blacklisted applications can render. Furthermore, this task to block applications in your enterprise does not consume much time.

Besides blocking executables, there are several other security verticals that need to be addressed. Take a look at how Endpoint Central helps you in holistic endpoint security and management.

Complete solution to block applications in your enterprise

Endpoint Central's 'Block Executable' feature helps you to restrict the executable of blacklisted software. You can block exe using two ways :

  1. Using Path Rule: Based on the name of the executable and its file extension, all the versions of the specified application are blocked.
  2. Using Hash Value: After locating the executable on the server, the hash value of the executable is calculated. This method enables an executable to be blocked despite it being renamed.

For more details, refer to the Block Exe topic in our online help.

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