Mac Remote Desktop Sharing

Mac Remote Control

Desktop Central helps system administrators to manage Mac remote workstations from a central location. It allows almost all important operations to be performed such as :

  • Access computers in LAN and WAN

  • Automatically installs the desktop-sharing agent in each desktop

  • No individual authentication is required to gain access to a remote desktop

  • Supports viewing/accessing remote desktops 

  • Prompts user confirmation before providing the access to a remote desktop

  • Configurable screen resolution to fit the screen size

  • Multimonitor support with easy switching options

Supported Mac OS Versions:

Desktop Central remote control for mac supports desktops running entire Mac OS X versions

Free Desktop Sharing

The free edition of Desktop Central offers remote desktop sharing functionality, which can be used to manage up to 25 desktops.

For more details on Desktop Sharing, refer to the Desktop Sharing topic of the online help documentation.