Managing Mac Computers and Servers


Enterprises today, has shown rapid growth in the usage of Mac computers. Mac computers while comparing to windows, are not that widely used, however the usage of Mac computers has grown substantially. This creates a need to manage Mac computers. Managing Mac computers manually consumes a lot of time and effort. So, system administrators need to hunt for a tool to manage Mac computers. Using multiple management tools to manage windows and Mac computers becomes a pain. That is where Desktop Central becomes a single solution, by supporting heterogenous operating systems. Desktop Central helps administrators to manage both windows and Mac computers using a single console. This reduces the cost and the time invested to manage computers.

Supported Versions

Currently Desktop Central supports the following versions of Mac computers

Supported Features

Desktop Central currently supports the following features, in Patch Management and the Inventory module.

  • Patch Management for Apple and other third party applications. You can also automate the patch management process. Refer to this, to know more about Mac Patch Management
  • You can get a complete list of the hardware details of Mac computers like, hard disk, network adapters, physical memory, processors etc.
  • A complete list of all the software details , like the software name, version, manufacturer details etc will be listed.
  • You can also manage all the software licenses by category. It simplifies the process of managing all the software licenses as per the software installed in the Mac computers.
  • Email alerts for every hardware and software changes that happens in the Mac computers in the network.

See this video on Setting Up and managing Mac Computers.