Managing Linux Computers


Enterprises today have shown a rapid growth in the usage of Linux systems. They are being widely used as an alternative to other operating systems. Along with their ease of use, Linux computers offer more flexibility and configuration options. Anyone can install it and it is often available free of charge. This creates a need for Linux administration in large enterprise networks. Manual Linux administration would consume a lot of time and effort. So, system administrators need to hunt for a tool to perform Linux administration in an automated way. And, using multiple desktop management tools to manage Windows, Mac and Linux computers can be a pain. Desktop Central helps administrators in increasing their efficiency by automating desktop management and managing heterogeneous operating systems using a single console.

Supported Versions

Currently Desktop Central supports the following versions of Linux computers

Note: The Patch management and Software deployment features are supported only for the versions of Ubuntu and Debian.

Supported Features

Desktop Central currently supports the following features in Inventory Management to simplify Linux administration in your enterprise.

  • Scan the systems periodically to get complete hardware inventory details of Linux systems like hard disk, network adapters, physical memory, processors etc.
  • A complete list of all the software details, like the software name, version, manufacturer details etc will be listed.
  • Manage all the software licenses of your Linux computers by category. It provides the compliant (including over-licensed software) and non-compliant(under-licensed) software used in the network.
  • Email notification alerts for every hardware and software changes that happen in the Linux systems in the network.
  • Effective desktop management by tracking the warranty information of the Linux computers managed by your organization.
  • Out-of-the-box reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance.
  • Automate patch management by scanning and detecting the vulnerable computers, downlaoding patches, testing them, and deploying them based on approval(Supports Ubuntu 10.04 & later versions, Debian 7 & later versions). 
  • Software Deployment feature provides 170+ predefined templates to deploy applications to widely used software.(Supports Ubuntu 10.04 & later versions, Debian 7 & later versions).