Automate Third Party Patch Deployment
Non Microsoft Patches

Enterprises today uses applications from multiple vendors for their business needs. Similar to Microsoft, other vendors have also started to release security updates and patches on a periodic basis. It is utmost important to keep these applications patched up-to-date in securing the data and for smooth running of their business. While most of the Microsoft products like the Operating system, MS Office applications, etc., can be automatically patched using the Windows Automatic Update or using some point products for Patch Management, the other third-party applications such as Adobe Reader, Firefox Browser, Java, etc., needs to be patched manually by the users. Leaving this to users themselves creates a security hole as not all users can be trusted to get all the patches installed on a timely basis. What enterprises need today is an integrated solution that helps them to patch applications from different vendors from a central point.

Endpoint Central, in addition to Windows Patch Management, supports managing the non-Microsoft patches that can be automatically updated in all the systems in the network. It automatically identifies the new and latest updates, identifies the systems that need these updates, and download and install them.

Supported Non-Microsoft Applications for Patch Management

Endpoint Central currently supports patching the following third-party applications:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Shockwave Player
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Java (View Complete List)