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How TRA - Media and Marketing Research Company manages its ISO 27001 Compliance?

The Company and Their Crisis

TRA is a media and marketing research company based out of New York, USA. TRA was founded by industry experts who have been in the media research industry for over 30 years and have built and run digital media companies and is the first company to provide a true advertising return on investment platform that addresses the age-old challenge of marketing accountability. TRA holds an ISO 27001 certification and is one of the meager 65 companies in the US to hold this prestigious distinction - a feat that speaks volumes about the company's high standards of Information Security.

Retaining this prized certification requires establishing the security of the company's IT assets and also keeping the network safe from the mishaps that arise out of inadvertent breaches of security by the administrative users. Though this looks light on paper, generating periodic reports is a daunting task if done manually, and searching for logs that led to security-breach is as good as finding a needle on a haystack.

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