What is insider threat?

Of late with Corporate Owned Devices and BYOD - Bring Your Own Devices, users tend to access a variety of unauthorized apps and web services for company work and this leads to insider security threat. Users tend to access the services and applications from the network. This will bypass the laid down security and compliance restrictions and the company information freely flowing to the public domain. You need to check the user behavior with respect to access to all the web services and contain the profuse use of web services by network users.

Insider Threat

Firewall Analyzer introduces insider threat detection to strengthen the network security. It collects the usage data of network users from firewall logs and presents the user activity information. It uses the Active directory user data and services/categories data. It groups the information based on users - websites accessed and bandwidth used, top users by cloud applications/categories, top cloud applications by service categories.

With Firewall Analyzer you can

  • Import network users from Active Directory
  • Drill down to individual user web activity
  • Find top users across various service categories
  • Identify top web services attracting most users

Firewall Analyzer Beta - New Feature

  • Import users

    If you have an active directory environment you can now import your end users into Firewall Analyzer product and view their usage behaviour such as URLs accessed, apps used, bandwidth consumed etc based on firewall logs.

  • Top 10 Users

    Automatically identify top 10 users across various categories such as streaming videos, file sharing networks, social networks etc. This gives you greater visibility into the high risk users.

  • Top 10 Services

    Find out the top services which are attracting most users. Football season? Most employees hooked into online streaming sites? You know it first before it starts affecting business services.

  • End user snapshot

    Single page for complete information about each user. Find details such as URLs accessed, Apps used, Different mobile devices used, overall traffic patterns etc.

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