Firewall rules and policies configuration

Fetching Firewall Rules / Policies / ACLs, Configurations

Firewall Analyzer analyzes the usage of the rules of the Firewalls. With the rules analysis, Firewall Analyzer helps to optimize the Firewall effectiveness. With the help of used and unused Firewall rules reports, one can determine the effectiveness of the rules, security holes because of the ineffective rules. The rules can be pruned, modified or deleted to make them fully effective in safe guarding the network. Firewall Analyzer fetches the rules from the devices using credentials individually stored for each device.

Using Firewall Credential Profiles

Now, Firewall Analyzer provides a new feature for easily grouping the Firewall Credentials. The feature allows to create a Credential Profile which can be used for a group of common devices. The Credential Profile consists of a credential and a group of Firewall devices which the same credential. The Credential Profile feature simplifies the process of configuring the credential information individually for each Firewall device. The feature saves a lot of mundane, manual task. Using the Credential Profile, Firewall Analyzer will use the common credential to fetch the rules from the group of devices.

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