Firewall Analyzer


The Only Multi-vendor Log and Configuration Monitoring Software for Network Security Devices

Firewall Compliance Management

Single Pane View of Firewall Configuration Changes, Rules Management and Security Audit

Complying with regulations is an important part of network security audits. Firewall Analyzer helps organizations meet the compliance requirements relating to network security, data safety, access control, and accountability. It provides a dedicated Compliance section for device rule configuration, firewall change management reports.

Firewall Compliance Management

The Compliance section allows users to:

  • View the Compliance Report or Change Management Report or both for a selected device
  • View the unused rules report, configuration changes report, ‘start-up vs. running’ conflict report in graphical and tabular formats
  • Download the last generated complete compliance report
  • View the last generated configuration difference report
  • Generate Configuration Analysis report, Security Audit report, complete compliance report, and Configuration Changes report instantly
  • Instantly fetch the firewall device rules

Quickly access the

  • Device Rule’ screen (to view and edit the rules of the device),
  • Profiles’ screen (to view and edit the device profiles), and the
  • Exclude Criteria screen (to specify the criteria (specific lines or text) that can be excluded while generating configuration change management reports)