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Benjamin Shumaker, Credit Union of Denver

"Credit Union of Denver has been using ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer for more than four years for our external threat monitoring and firewall change management. Firewall Analyzer can rapidly be scaled to meet our dynamic business needs"

Benjamin Shumaker,
Vice President of IT/ISO,
Credit Union of Denver

Credit Union of Denver

"We selected Firewall Analyzer because it was easier to setup than all other products we evaluated, it had the best management and graphical user interface, and provided us detailed firewall reports to meet FINRA, SEC, and SOX IT audit requirements"

Bob Fuller
Director of Information Technologies,
Navellier & Associates Inc.

Navellier & Associates, Inc.

"After review of our findings, we decided to take back control of our operations management, firstly focusing on cost reduction and then strengthening our systems for automation"

Satoshi Kinugawa
Senior Manager / Head of Infrastructure Team,
System Development Division of Benefit One

Thunder Bay District Health Unit

"Managing a multi-vendor firewall environment is not at all complex now. Firewall Analyzer allows us to centrally manage and monitor all firewalls such as Juniper, Fortinet, Cisco and other popular firewalls"

Girish Ramachandran,
Network Security Manager,


"As an IT infrastructure service provider for global corporations, we needed a centralized firewall monitoring solution for our multi-vendor, multi-tenant, virtualized environment. Firewall Analyzer proved to be a more-than-capable solution for monitoring and managing multiple, customer-specific, virtual firewalls. Firewall Analyzer provides us with customer-specific client views, with mutually exclusive, individual firewall reports and alerts for each of our customers"

Scott Fenna,
Senior Consultant,Managed Services Factory,
Computacenter, AG & Co oHG,Services & Solutions


"This tool is very useful. If you have only few moment to have a look at your Firewall log, you can rapidly have an idea on whats happening to your network. If you find too much error or log, just few clicks and you can find which source IP is generating some bad traffic into your network. With the complete message, you will rapidly find the source (Virus, Peer2peer, DNS misconfiguration or other parameter). You can also track source and destination IP, find which PC is trying to Bypass the Proxy, to use blocked traffic or application. If you enable the full syslog message (informational level), you can even know the protocol distribution of your traffic, and the summary of the volume by type (Mail, Web, DNS, etc..). In few words, a great product".

Steve Balon,
Integrated Network Solutions

Integrated Network Solutions

"Firewall Analyzer was the one application that we tested that provided several methods of analysis on our syslogs. Other solutions did not provide this level of reporting. Deployment was extremely transparent. After installing the application we did run into one problem. The syslogs from our Cisco ASA device were not being properly interpreted by Firewall Analyzer.

I contacted AdventNet (now ManageEngine, Zoho Corp.) for a solution and after about 10 minutes, the application was showing our data. So far we are able to manage our firewall more efficiently resulting in more effective management of time throughout the organization."

Jeff Wright,
Information Technologies Manager,


"We have faced network management problems due to inadequate monitoring tools. We have had 100% utilization of our pair of Internet T1 lines on a few extended occasions, bringing many important business operations to a halt. Now with ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer, we can now monitor Internet traffic in a way that is very useful. We especially like the top users feature as this allows us to locate any problem users quickly."

David Hernandez,
Director of Information Technology,
San Francisco Newspaper Company

San Francisco Newspaper Company

"Firewall Analyzer does almost everything we require. We needed products that could archive logs for firewalls and provide analysis of the logs and alerting. We tested a number of different products, but neither of these products could be made to do what we needed out of the box. One of the main reasons for choosing Firewall Analyzer was the level of response from Technical Support. I don't think I've ever received responses to support queries quite so quickly and with such accurate replies."

Mike O'Day,
Network Defence

Network Defence

"Your product has been great in helping me understand, characterize, baseline my company's Internet bandwidth usage - something that we had no insight into before we started using Firewall Log Analyzer. I am able to better implement management controls and reporting now."

David Perkins
Network Engineering Manager, CardioNet


We would love to hear about your experiences with Firewall Analyzer. Proceed to Customer Review Form

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