Ease of use

It's way easy to use

Choose the necessary fields using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Create intuitive reports and dashboards, exactly how you want them. No technical expertise or skills required!

Visually analyze your ITSM data

Visualize your ITSM data

Bring your ITSM data to life, with a wide variety of visualizations including charts and dashboards. Choose from over 80 KPIs, and drill down to view specific data from a specific timeline.

Seamless integration & pre-built reports

Integrate seamlessly and try our pre-built reports

Make use of over 100 pre-configured reports, tailor made for ServiceDesk Plus users. Automatically integrate ServiceDesk Plus data in less than five minutes!.

Share and collaborate securely

Share and collaborate securely

With capabilities such as export, share and publish alongside a flexible
role-based-access-controls, you can safely share reports and work collaboratively with your team to deliver the best IT service possible.

Share and collaborate securely

Optimize operations for MSPs

Managed service providers can create custom dashboards to measure key metrics, identify service performance levels, predict trends, view billing patterns and share this information with key stakeholders

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