AWS log retention

Log data in AWS resources contains important and sensitive information that needs to be protected. A data leak could potentially harm your organization's reputation and result in financial loss. This is why organizations need to meet compliance demands to help protect all parties involved in the process of handling log data.

Logs can provide insights into changes occurring in your cloud environment and possible security threats. Log360 is a log management solution that collects, monitors and analyzes logs from all your Amazon EC2 instances, AWS CloudTrail, S3 server, Route 53, and other sources. This central log management solution enables organizations to monitor changes in their AWS services, and detect malicious activity.

Log retention and compliance with Log360

Organizations need to keep their log data in check for audits to meet regulatory compliance guidelines. This requires you to retain log data for a certain amount of time. Here are some compliance mandates and their required log retention period.

HIPAA: This compliance standard that pertains to the healthcare industry requires organizations to retain log data for up to six years.

PCI DSS: This credit card industry compliance standard requires organizations to retain logs for a minimum of one year along with a minimum of the last three months worth of logs to be available for immediate analysis.

SOX: This compliance standard specifies auditing and financial regulations for organizations and requires a log retention period of seven years.

Securely archiving AWS log data

  • By default, Log360 retains log data for an indefinite period.
  • Due to the large volume of log data collected and the stringent log maintenance process of storing, archiving, reviewing, and cleaning up of logs, it may be difficult to maintain logs for an indefinite period.
  • Log360 allows you to change the CloudTrail logs retention period of your AWS resources by changing the number of days.
  • By automating AWS CloudTrail log retention, you can save time and simplify your log management process.

AWS log retention

Effortlessly secure, manage and retain AWS logs to prove compliance.

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