Salesforce user management settings reports

A Salesforce administrator does a lot more than just create and assign users—they also perform extensive management activities. User management includes working with permissions and licenses, delegating administration tasks to users, and configuring multiple security settings such as enabling user self-deactivation, hiding personal user information from external users, and more.

It's imperative that you track changes made to user management settings in order to:

  • Ensure accountability and security for all actions.
  • Keep all the admins informed and updated to avoid operational issues in a multi-admin environment.

Log360, a security information and event management (SIEM) solution, provides insights on user management operations, and presents the critical details in the form of intuitive graphical dashboards, reports, and alert notifications.

Auditing user management settings using Log360

Log360 audits Salesforce extensively and keeps track of all changes and updates made to user management settings. It provides reports on what changes are made, when, and by who.

With the well-built alerting feature, you can set rules to trigger alerts for all user management setting events, and get notifications sent straight to your inbox. A central dashboard that keeps track of all changes made to user settings also provides more visibility.

Consider a scenario where multiple changes are being made to the user management settings. How would you know if these settings are legitimate or a security threat? With Log360, you can set alerts for crucial changes made to user management settings, enabling concerned admins to be notified about illegitimate activities and take immediate action.

With Log360, you can:

  • Monitor changes made to user management settings.
  • Prevent redundant settings from being made in a multiple admin environment.
  • Alert all admins through emails when security settings are changed.
  • Detect suspicious insider activity during odd times.

And more.

Check out the many SIEM capabilities of Log360 today!