Google Cloud monitoring

Google Cloud Platform offers a cloud storage service that can be used for data storage, data archival, disaster recovery, and data objects distribution via direct download. Organizations use cloud storage mainly for media content storage and delivery, backups, and archives.

As the demand for cloud storage increases in organizations across the world, data security becomes an utmost priority. Any changes made in a storage environment can potentially be a security threat, so it's important to monitor these changes in real time.

GCP storage monitoring with Log360

Log360, a comprehensive security information and event management (SIEM) solution, acts as a reliable Google Cloud Storage monitoring tool. The solution:

  • Monitors Google Cloud storage buckets.
  • Analyzes event log data and presents it in the form of interactive dashboards.
  • Analyzes historical data.
  • Alerts security admins on potential security threats based on severity.


Log360 provides out-of-the-box reports on recent storage changes to ensure storage security. To mitigate data compromise, it also helps organizations detect suspicious activity by providing information on recent changes made to SQL instances hosted on Google Cloud Platform. These reports include information on the time of the event, the principal email, the resource location, and the caller IP. This helps security admins analyze these threats and mitigate security breaches.