Salesforce custom object monitoring

What are objects in Salesforce?

Salesforce allows you to create custom objects that can hold data that is unique to your organization. With the use of custom fields in custom objects, it becomes easier to store and interpret sensitive information. To enhance security, you should grant permission only to the privileged users for report generation, and restrict the modification of fields and records of custom objects by normal users.

You can track all the field activities carried out in custom objects by enabling and tracking the field history. These activities get recorded in the form of chatter feed logs and debug logs. To identify indicators of compromise (IoCs), malicious events, and anomalous activities taking place in Salesforce, you need to monitor all the consoles that contain custom object logs, which can be a tiring process.

Monitoring Salesforce objects using Log360

Log360 aggregates all these logs, analyzes them, and provides actionable information that aids in threat mitigation. It tracks all recent changes made to custom objects and generates reports to help you spot anomalous activities at a single glance.

Alerting capabilities of Log360

Imagine that a malicious user doesn't have permission to generate reports for a custom object, and they escalate their privilege to do so. This event can result in a security incident if the user generates and exports reports containing confidential information.

With Log360, you can configure alerts for deviant activities taking place in your Salesforce platform. You can get notified of any anomalous activity in real-time via SMS and email to mitigate a threat or prevent an impending attack.