Salesforce log monitoring and analysis

Enterprises are moving to the cloud these days to improve their operational efficiency. However, the major concern for every cloud adoption is security. How secure is data in the cloud?

Cloud log analysis ensures security of SaaS applications. For SaaS applications like Salesforce, which handles customer data and other confidential information, it's essential to enable logging, and monitor the application's log data to detect suspicious behaviors at the earliest.

Salesforce log analysis by Log360

To obtain a granular view of Salesforce user activities, you need to monitor and examine all the user events such as user login activity, content activity, report exports, and more.

Log360 offers:

  • User login monitoring: Get real-time insights on who logged in, from where, and when.
  • Report activity monitoring: Track Salesforce reports being viewed, recent activities on reports, and multi-block report exports. Get details on who did what action, from where, and when.

  • Search activity monitoring: Track all search activities, and identify what data is being accessed, from where, and by whom.

  • Audit trails: Conduct log forensics in case of unprecedented problems.

Detecting suspicious events based on log analysis

Assume that an employee who has been let go from the organization intends to sell sensitive customer data. They could take this data with them by exporting it. How can Log360 help in this situation?

Log360 lets you monitor your Salesforce environment in real-time and set alerts based on various criteria such as time of action, threshold, frequency of occurrence, and more. It also helps you keep tabs on what data is being accessed and exported, by whom, when, and from where. Alerts can be configured to be sent to the admin's inbox. The admin can then investigate further, and take remedial action.


A few of Log360's log management capabilities include:

  • Real-time event log collection.
  • A built-in graphical dashboard.
  • A search feature within reports.
  • Filters to generate user-based reports.

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