Google Cloud Platform log management

Google Cloud Platform allows organizations to host their data on the cloud through a variety of services including Google Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Cloud Filestore, and much more. It allows you to store data, create virtual machines, host web applications, and manage data. Hosting a large amount of data on the cloud comes with its own risks. For security and privacy reasons, monitoring these resources in your cloud environment is important.

Log360, a comprehensive SIEM solution, provides central log management capabilities that allow organizations to store, search, monitor, analyze, and alert on log data and events in Google Cloud. With Log360, you can ingest log data from different systems, applications, and VMs, and analyze it in real-time.

Monitoring Google Cloud Platform logs

Log360 provides out-of-the-box reports on VPC activity, network security changes, network services, user activity, hybrid connectivity, and much more. Log data can provide a deep understanding into your Google Cloud resources by pointing out changes that have occurred, who made what changes, the source IP address, and the timestamp. With this detailed information, security admins can investigate events and respond quickly.

With Log360, you can track:

  • User activity: Monitor your users' activities on your Google Cloud Platform with information on recent user activity, recent failed events by user, and permission denied events. By managing users' identities and accesses, you can control how users utilize your resources. Log360 tracks these events and presents them in the form of reports and graphs available on interactive dashboards.


  • Network security: Track different network security changes in your Google Cloud environment such as recent security policy changes and recent SSL policy changes using Log360's predefined reports.
  • If a security policy is modified, it can affect multiple devices, cause security and application issues, and violate compliance standards. Therefore, it's important to keep track of the changes and identify the source in order to detect critical events in a reliable way.


Find log data easily

Log360 offers a powerful search engine to find logs and events by letting you search for any term related to the specific log or field within the log. Log360 supports multiple character wildcard, phrase, grouped, boolean, and range searches.

Stay vigilant through alerts

As a SIEM solution, Log360 provides organizations information on possible security threats by leveraging incident detection techniques. If a security threat is detected in your Google Cloud Platform, security admins will be alerted immediately. The alerts are categorized into different levels (Attention, Trouble, and Critical) based on their severity, which helps security admins act accordingly.

Log retention and compliance

Compliance standards such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and more require organizations to retain log data for a certain period as part of their regulations. Log360 allows you to choose a log retention period, thereby simplifying the log retention process by automating it.