Google Cloud network security monitoring

Security policies in Google Cloud that allow or deny traffic from different sources are important for securing resources. Just like firewalls in on-premises environments, the distributed firewalls in Google Cloud platform operate on a set of rules.

It is vital to constantly monitor these rules, as they are your first line of defense in keeping attackers at bay. Constantly monitoring the Google Cloud Network is just one of the many crucial tasks security admins have to perform.

Monitoring Google Cloud Network with Log360

What if a robust security tool could keep a close eye on the cloud for you? Log360 is a SIEM solution that collects and aggregates log data to give you real-time insights into the state of your Google Cloud network. Data is presented to you in the form of reports and graphs.

In case you want to be alerted about specific events in Google Cloud, email and SMS alerts can be configured. Log360 offers information on changes in security policies, SSL policies, VPC networks, VPC subnets, external IP addresses, and firewall routes.

Leveraging machine-learning for cloud security

Log360 is equipped with machine learning algorithms that can detect anomalies in time, pattern, and count. Is it unusual for a user to log in after work hours and access the database servers? This action will be logged as an anomaly, and a risk score will be added. If the same user, on another day, proceeds to modify a firewall rule, which is not part of their typical responsibilities, the risk score will increase further.

When a high risk score has been logged, it means that the series of events that led to it are worth investigating. This helps ensure that any anomalous event is properly investigated and your Google Cloud network is protected from threats on the inside and outside.