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Device Control Reports


IT administrators have to check thoroughly and control different USB and peripheral devices from accessing sensitive organizational data. Device Control helps to quickly identify the devices connected to the endpoints, who is using what on which computer, what data is going out or coming in, and more by applying rigorous device controls using a device control solution.

To view the desired reports, click the links available under the Audit Reports and Exemption Reports category.

  • Audit ReportsThe Audit Reports are classified under the following headings.
    • Device Audit - Provides in-depth details with respect to all latest device activities, last connected device, user, computer, action performed, and time of connection.
    • Unauthorized Devices - Provides the details of unverified peripheral devices that attempted access.
    • File Tracing - Provides detailed view of all carried out file actions. It includes information such as the devices, users, computers and types of files involved in each operation.
    • File Shadowing - Provides the details of mirror copies of all the files that have been transferred via removable media.
  • Exemption Reports The Exemption Reports include the following.
    • Computer with device exemptions - This report provides the details of time limit and schedule for devices with temporary access.
    • Computer with device type exemptionsThis report provides the details of computers with restrictions to specific device types.