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Viewing Patch Vulnerability Report

The Vulnerability report provides the details of the vulnerable applications in your network for which the patches are available from Microsoft. To view the vulnerability report, follow the steps given below:

  1. Click the Reports tab to invoke the Reports page.
  2. Click the Vulnerability Report available under the Security Reports.

The following details are shown here:

  • General Details: Provides the count of total applicable patches for your network, the missing patches, the number of systems being managed using the application, unscanned system count, etc.
  • System Health: This is a graphical representation of the system health based on the vulnerability.

Apart from the above, it provides the following details for each of the managed system in a tabular form:

  • Computer Name: The name of the system being managed.
  • OS Name: The operating system and version of the system.
  • Total Patches: The total number of patches released by Microsoft for the OS and the applications installed in that system.
  • Installed Patches: The number of patches that have been already installed in that system.
  • Missing Patches: The number of patches that are yet to be installed.
  • Informational Item: There may be some vulnerabilities for which the application is not able to determine if the appropriate patch or workaround has been applied. There could also be patches for which manual intervention is required. These are categorized as Informational Items.
  • Obsolete Patches: These are patches that are outdated and have another patch that is more recently released and has taken its place (Superseding Patch).
  • Health: The health of the system based on the vulnerability. The system is highly vulnerable, if more number of patches have to be installed.

Clicking on the system will provide you the details of the patches that are applicable for each of the applications installed in the system. The same report can also be accessed by clicking the Scanned Reports link from the Scanned Resources details.