3D Floor and Rack View

In a world where infrastructure and infrastructure management are growing in size, scale and complexity, visualization is the quickest way to understand the components within a network. When it comes to datacenter infrastructure management, visualization becomes even more imperative, as the assets involved are business critical. An IT admin will need real-time perspective into the rack level and data center floor level to make sure the performance and health are optimum.

There is no scarcity of datacenter visual modeling tools, but what they offer are static visualizations with an inability to show the health of devices in real-time. To add to the difficulty, these solutions work in silos and offer no integration with datacenter infrastructure management solutions. The IT admins are left with no choice but to sift through CAD drawings to ascertain which rack or floor the faulty device is present in. This is a time-consuming process which affects how fast the business critical service are brought back online.

OpManager Plus is packed with end-to-end infrastructure monitoring capabilities and visualization is no exception. OpManager Plus' visual modeling tool helps you create visual representation of datacenter floor and racks and embed it on your NOC screens and monitor the health 24x7.

3D Datacenter Floor

OpManager's datacenter visual modeling feature provides a comprehensive and interactive way to check the health of your datacenter. The 3D view allows you to see the physical layout of your datacenter, as well as the health status of each device. Any faults or performance problems are highlighted using color codes, enabling you to identify and troubleshoot the problems in quick time.

As the first step to create a 3D datacenter floor, all you have to do is create virtual racks for all the devices, and simply drag-and-drop the racks onto the floor.

Rack Builder

The rack builder feature in OpManager Plus allows you to create virtual racks and populate devices on it. Each rack shows the live health status of the devices mounted on it. On clicking a rack showing red color coding, signifying faulty device, you can drill-down to the device snapshot page, enabling analysis of the device's performance and identify the fault.

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