Real-time Server Monitoring

The importance of having proper monitoring systems in place for your IT infrastructure can't be understated. The monitoring solutions you use ensure that your infrastructure's full potential can be reached by diffusing bottlenecks and optimizing resource usage for best performance.

Over the years, IT infrastructures have grown in complexity, and so too have the demands for network monitoring. While networks used to have low interactivity and no need for real-time monitoring, those days are over. The era of hybrid on-premises and cloud networks has brought with it dynamic networks, increased risk of security breaches, and other challenges. Real-time data collection and real-time network monitoring are now necessities for today's IT networks.

What is real-time monitoring?

In network management, real-time monitoring is a method of tracking the data and performance metrics of the network from moment to moment. Every network component is continuously polled and data is fetched so that the IT admin can ascertain how the infrastructure, services, and applications are all performing. Continuous gathering of data by monitoring solutions enables quick reaction times in the event of network bottlenecks by providing IT admins all the information they need to resolve the problem quickly.

What is server monitoring?

Server monitoring is the process of monitoring a server's system resources like CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O, Network, disk usage, and process. Server monitoring metrics also helps in capacity planning by providing admins information on the server's system resource usage. A server monitoring tool helps in automating the process of server monitoring. By monitoring server performance, admins will also be able to identify other performance-related issues like resource utilization, app downtime, and response time.

Why is it important to monitor server performance?


Keeps you abreast of server performance in real time and contributes to efficient resource utilization.

A reliable server monitoring solution presents you with key performance metrics signifying the health and performance of the network infrastructure in real time. An IT admin can suitably run maintenance checks, optimize the network continuously, and manage resources better—instead of spending considerable time collecting and analyzing data manually.

Keeps bottlenecks at bay with server availability monitoring and proactive alerts

Modern networks exist physically and virtually, but it is difficult for an IT operations team to manually ensure servers in a network are functioning well in both physical and virtual environments. Real-time server monitoring solutions alert the IT staff in the event of a network error, server downtime, or any bottleneck in server performance. This in turn ensures a performance issue can be resolved before it affects user experience or results in data loss.

Ensures your virtual environment functions at peak efficiency and productivity

Organizations experiencing fast-paced growth depend on virtualization to simplify their IT infrastructure. In a network with both physical and virtual infrastructure, visibility becomes a challenge for an IT admin. Moreover, virtual environments are prone to security risks. An efficient server monitoring tool ensures your virtual environment is continuously reviewed for its health and performance.

Keeps you informed of server capacity, user load, and speed so that you can do capacity planning accordingly.

A server's capacity and speed can directly impact user experience. The faster a website or service loads, the better the experience for users. When a server is malfunctioning or overloaded, it can impact all dependent components within a network. With the help of a server monitor, you can analyze how much computing power your network needs. If the network is experiencing slowness, an IT admin can quickly allocate additional resources and increase capacity for the short term. A server monitoring solution also gives you a jumpstart on long-term capacity planning. Data on long-term trends in server utilization can be used for scaling the network and making it future-proof.

Enables automation of mundane or time-consuming tasks and reduces human errors

With the help of a server monitoring solution, you can identify which tasks can be automated. This in turn reduces the workload for IT admins, without having to sift through log files and running the risk of human error.

Contributes to the overall security of a network

Attackers try to exploit vulnerabilities of a server before breaching the network. Real-time server monitoring ensures the security of server data and can alert you to potential security vulnerabilities, giving you a head-start before a problem occurs.

Eliminate the need for multiple server monitoring solutions with OpManager Plus, your all-in-one infrastructure observability solution

  • Enterprise server monitoring is made easier thanks to OpManager Plus' multi-vendor support to monitor servers and all critical applications, along with their services and processes.
  • Periodically monitors servers using SNMP and WMI protocols, ensuring your network is online 24x7.
  • Holistic observability into servers is achieved with real-time server performance dashboards, server health and availability monitoring, server monitoring with multi-level thresholds, application performance monitoring, virtual server monitoring, VMware server monitoring, Windows event log monitoring, as well as URL and website monitoring.
  • Historical performance tracking, workflows, and troubleshooting features eliminates the need for you to use multiple server monitoring tools.

OpManager Plus provides you real-time overview of server performance and health. By achieving complete observability into the infrastructure, OpManager Plus paves the way for potential bottlenecks and security threats being notified to the IT admin well in advance. The proactive alerting mechanism, troubleshooting toolkit to solve server problems and comprehensive reports to help you make better decisions, all contributes to make OpManager Plus the ideal infrastructure observability solution.

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