WAN Management

WAN Management using Cisco IP SLA

The WAN being an expensive part of the corporate network, one needs to be kept informed of any outage⁄ unscrupulous usage⁄ intermittent connectivity. OpManager Plus leverages Cisco IPSLA technology to help you visualize your WAN links and troubleshoot WAN outages and performance issues, even over your ISP infrastructure.

Maintain your WAN links at peak performance levels with the WAN RTT Monitor
Upgrading your WAN pipes is neither a permanent, nor a cheap solution to improving application performance across the WAN. OpManager Plus’ WAN RTT (Round–Trip–Time) monitor provides details on WAN link latency, bandwidth utilization, Round–Trip–Time and other performance factors for you to completely diagnose and resolve poor WAN performance before you can think of upgrading WAN bandwidth capacity. OpManager Plus leverages powerful Cisco IPSLA and NetFlow technology to help you:

Recognize poor WAN links instantly

Sometimes terrible network quality may be just as worse as no connectivity at all. A round trip time (WAN RTT) of 200ms across a link where the expected round trip time is 60ms is definitely unacceptable. OpManager Plus allows you to set custom thresholds based on agreed service levels (SLAs) with Service Providers. The WAN RTT dashboard presents Top Paths by RTT Threshold Violation and Top Paths by RTT (Round Trip Time) to help WAN administrators know which WAN links require immediate attention.


Isolate WAN latency bottlenecks

OpManager Plus doesn’t merely identify network delay or outage, it also helps you to drill down to the hop level displaying the various paths of communication between the source and destination and the round trip time across each underlying link. OpManager Plus does an automatic Traceroute on the WAN links to present hop–wise latency count and packet loss information across the entire circuit in a single graph.


Did you know?
The WAN monitoring dashboard even gives you details on what traffic (applications, source, destination etc) is occupying your WAN links. So you can also troubleshoot bandwidth–related WAN latency problems. See more about Network Traffic Analysis, enabled in OpManager Plus through the NetFlow plug–in.


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