Hybrid network monitoring

Networks have inevitably grown more complex over the years. Hybrid network architecture comprises LANs, WANs, public or private cloud storage, and hybrid clouds across multiple vendors. In short, it is a mixture of virtual and physical network components, and this type of network architecture has taken off ever since the advent of remote work.

Monitoring a hybrid network is often grueling because of the challenges involved—not to mention the fact that conventional monitoring tools are not equipped for today's hybrid network architecture. However, ManageEngine OpManager Plus is a well-armed hybrid network observability tool perfect for IT admins. It helps them unravel network perplexities and streamline their management strategies.

Challenges of hybrid network performance monitoring

Hybrid Network Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManage

Modern IT teams are grappling with the many challenges that arise while monitoring and managing a hybrid network. Some of the commonly faced challenges include:

  • Getting the end-to-end visibility needed to keep an eye out for availability and performance bottlenecks.
  • Monitoring hybrid network components proactively to locate network glitches and restore affected components in time.
  • Securing the network to ensure hazards and privacy breaches are kept in check.
  • Monitoring connectivity between on-premises and cloud infrastructure.
  • Reducing the economic overhead involved in management and maintenance of hybrid networks.

OpManager Plus, a holistic hybrid network monitoring tool

OpManager Plus is a powerful tool that provides meticulous observability into hybrid networks. It provides an end-to-end solution for monitoring hybrid networks, eliminating the need to use multiple tools. Some of the tool's features are discussed below:

  • Real-time visibility across the network
  • Granular management of cloud and on-premises applications
  • Complete bandwidth management
  • Powerful firewall log management
  • Holistic configuration management
  • Simplified IP address and switch port management
  • Clear-cut, prompt network alerts
  • Automation of rudimentary operations
  • Reports for forestalling unanticipated anomalies

Real-time visibility across the hybrid network

Hybrid Network Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus is a unified hybrid network performance monitoring solution, offering visibility down to the network's last detail. Its ability to provide real-time visibility across a hybrid network helps IT admins keep track of the performance of on-premises and cloud infrastructure. This lets them acquire in-depth knowledge of their organization’s IT infrastructure and avoid being blindsided by network glitches and performance latency problems.

Granular management of cloud and on-premises applications

Hybrid Network Monitoring Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus is the ideal hybrid cloud observability solution, well-equipped to monitor around 130 on-premises and cloud applications proactively. It lets admins study the usage trends of storage devices, which paves the way for anticipating upcoming usage and planning accordingly. Also, it offers out-and-out, 24x7 tracking of the performance of storage devices and applications in an IT infrastructure. This helps admins puzzle out issues that have an unfavorable effect on the performance of the hybrid network, and remediate them just in time.

Complete bandwidth management

Hybrid Network Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

With OpManager Plus, admins can monitor crucial bandwidth metrics around the clock and gain deeper insights into network traffic. It lets users observe bandwidth consumption by each application and alerts the technicians in charge if the usage exceeds preset limits. This holistic tool boasts best-in-class features as it helps admins carry out capacity planning by leveraging the data collected from real-time monitoring.

Holistic configuration management

Monitoring Hybrid Networks - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Compliance breaches and incompatible configuration changes are frequent causes of network failures. Such network plights can be resolved with OpManager Plus' holistic hybrid network configuration management abilities. It allows admins to observe configuration changes across the hybrid network and prevent any unauthorized changes. Device compliance can be ensured by mending any violations instantly. Admins can also schedule device configuration backups and automate rudimentary management operations.

Powerful firewall log management

Monitor Hybrid Network - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Log management gets tedious as the size of log stores keeps growing day by day. OpManager Plus makes log management easier. Its firewall log manager keeps track of rule-wise usage granularly and streamlines the process of locating timeworn rules so technicians can fix them promptly. OpManager Plus keeps an eye out for any threats or bandwidth constraints by constantly monitoring VPN connections. Admins can automate firewall compliance audits, and network forensic audits allow them to detect if there are any security breaches.

Simplified IP address and switch port management

Hybrid Network Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus, a reliable IP address and switch port manager, helps proactively scan, monitor, and manage all IPv6 and IPv4 subnets in an IT infrastructure. It offers observability into the critical metrics of switch ports and the devices connected to them. OpManager Plus periodically scans for available IP addresses and will alert technicians if any IP conflicts are detected.

Clear-cut, prompt network alerts

Hybrid Network Monitoring Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Proactive alerting is a critical factor in hybrid network monitoring software. It helps forecast potential mishaps and prevents them from intensifying well in advance. Alerts should be accurate and clear to help admins spend less time decoding an alert and instead jump straight into troubleshooting network errors and thereby securing the hybrid network from any more mishaps. OpManager Plus generates precise alerts and notifies the right person about network anomalies so they can minimize downtime and disaster-proof the hybrid environment.

Automation of rudimentary operations

Hybrid Network Monitoring Reports - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Doing basic network operations the manual way has its drawbacks, like wasted labor and time or increased human error. With OpManager Plus, such monotonous tasks can be automated, which buys admins some time. This gives them enough room to focus on resolving high-severity network errors faster, lowering MTTR and increasing productivity.

Reports for forestalling unanticipated anomalies

Hybrid Network Monitor - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

To decrease the incidence of issues in their organization’s IT infrastructure, IT admins must understand the pattern of how hybrid network components work. OpManager Plus can generate reports with granular details on performance and other critical metrics of network devices, which helps forestall potential issues. Reports can appear to have lighter importance while monitoring a hybrid network. However, reports are critical for lowering the probability of network downtime.

OpManager Plus enables you to navigate hybrid network observability complexities, to deliver real-time monitoring and analysis for both on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructure and applications. With this proactive approach, you are empowered to achieve efficient application and network surveillance, troubleshooting, and debugging, in sync with customer expectations, service level agreements (SLAs), and overarching business goals. IT teams attain the capability to meticulously observe hybrid cloud environments, preempting issues and safeguarding optimal end-user experience. Bolster your hybrid observability capabilities with OpManager Plus, and ensure near-zero latency in performance. Try our 30-day trial version for free now.

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