Network operations management

Modern network infrastructure is sophisticated, requiring close attention and maintenance around the clock. For this reason, an adaptable tool for effective network operations management is vital for a business since it proactively monitors and manages a network by providing complete visibility into network devices. It can also help technicians resolve alerts swiftly, enabling them to forestall network outages and prevent business performance disruptions.

4 key factors affecting network operations

Network Operations Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus
  • Performance degradation: Network bottlenecks and congestion due to a lag in performance can result in customer attrition and hefty damage to a brand's reputation.
  • Lack of RCA: Superficial visibility across the network can make technicians blind to minor, underlying glitches causing device failures and network downtime.
  • Absence of proactive alerts: Alerting technicians only after network incidents occur, be it performance lag or any other issue, can increase the severity or even make the network experience downtime.
  • Device malfunction: Factors like a surge in temperature, an overloaded server, or high CPU usage affecting a parent device can also affect dependent devices and cause interruptions in network operations.

How OpManager Plus helps manage network operations management (NOM)

OpManager Plus is a reliable network operations monitoring and management tool that seamlessly supports monitoring over 2,000 key performance metrics for over 10,000 devices. With its built-in capabilities, technicians can proactively monitor and manage IT infrastructure by anticipating any technical faults before they affect the network and keeping network operations in check. Here are some of OpManager Plus' key features:

  • Holistic network configuration management
  • Seamless bandwidth and traffic management
  • Out-of-the-box IP address and switch port management
  • Granular firewall log management
  • Real-time network monitoring with NOC views
  • Effortless troubleshooting with IT workflow automation
  • Streamlined reports for analysis and forecasting

Holistic network configuration management

Network Operations Management Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Network configuration management is usually an afterthought for admins until it snowballs into a serious issue. OpManager Plus is a reliable network configuration and compliance management tool that helps admins keep up with any configuration changes or user activity occurring in the network. With its comprehensive network operations management (NOM) capabilities, OpManager Plus allows admins to schedule configuration backups after visualizing their effects. Not only does this help reduce network operation mishaps but also the amount of manual tasks on an admin's hands.

Seamless bandwidth and traffic management

Network Operations Management Tools - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Though managing bandwidth consumption is not considered the end-all be-all of reducing network downtime, it plays a significant role in improving the performance of network operations and the flow of data. OpManager Plus, a credible network operations management system, provides in-depth visibility into bandwidth usage and other critical parameters, including traffic, application performance, and source and destination address. This allows admins to drill down deeper to the core of an issue and resolve it swiftly for a problem-free IT infrastructure.

Out-of-the-box IP address and switch port management

Enterprise Network Operations Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Managing IP addresses in a network can be grueling and time-consuming. To combat this, OpManager Plus, a powerful NOM tool aids in scanning, monitoring, and efficiently managing both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and subnets around the clock. This comprehensive tool provides a list of available IP addresses and alerts the admins when there are any IP conflicts. OpManager Plus keeps track of switch ports and the devices connected to them while also helping admins with capacity planning so switch ports are used optimally.

Granular firewall log management

Network Operations and Management (NOM) - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Log management can be difficult for network admins due to the sheer volume of logs captured; however, OpManager Plus, a network operations monitor offers powerful features to streamline the process. With its firewall log manager, OpManager Plus can generate rule-wise usage reports that admins can use to analyze and isolate overused rules and fix them immediately.

The advent of the hybrid work culture has escalated the use of VPNs tremendously. According to SurfShark, VPN use increased by 31% in 2021. With this comprehensive network operations manager, VPN connections can be closely monitored for any bandwidth constraints or security threats, and firewall compliance audits can be automated. Also, admins can use network forensic audits to locate the log entry detailing what caused a security violation.

Real-time network monitoring with NOC views

Network Operations Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

OpManager Plus' network operations center (NOC) gives a centralized, bird's-eye view of the entire network to help admins track the performance and health of all network devices in real time and manage them proactively. By providing total visibility into the network, OpManager Plus, an easy-to-use NOM software enables technicians to isolate performance issues and fix them in no time. This facilitates the high performance of devices with near-zero latency and wards off device failures and network downtime.

Effortless troubleshooting with IT workflow automation

Network Operations Management Systems - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

With OpManager Plus' built-in IT workflow feature, admins can automate routine tasks to minimize human effort and errors and maximize the efficiency of the network. OpManager Plus, an enterprise network operations management system also helps technicians troubleshoot L1 and L2 network errors automatically. This streamlines rudimentary, daunting troubleshooting tasks for technicians, allowing them to focus on critical network issues that require their immediate intervention.

Streamlined reports for analysis and forecasting

Network Operations Management Reports - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

With OpManager Plus, an efficient network operations management tool, admins can monitor the network operations and easily observe the pattern. They can examine the availability of devices and interfaces, and keep track of performance statistics in real time. Reports can be customized, and technicians can automate report generation as needed. OpManager Plus' reports as it helps admins to forecast difficulties in network operations and manage to remediate them in advance.

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