VoIP Monitoring using Cisco IP SLA

Worried about poor VoIP call quality? Wanting to add more VoIP lines but clueless on how your network would handle the extra traffic?

Ensure zero complaints on VoIP call quality with OpManager Plus' VoIP Monitor

The VoIP Monitor add-on brings together network fault and performance management functionalities of OpManager Plus, VoIP Quality of Service monitoring using Cisco IP SLA technology and granular network traffic analysis from the Netflow add-on to give you a complete end-to-end VoIP network management solution. OpManager Plus’ VoIP Monitor helps you:

Proactively monitor VoIP Performance

VoIP monitor seamlessly integrates with OpManager Plus to proactively monitor and report on WAN infrastructure’s capacity to handle VoIP calls. Using Cisco IP Service Level Agreements (SLAs), OpManager Plus continuously measures critical Quality of Service (QoS) parameters of VoIP services to provide insights on VoIP network performance. VoIP quality metrics measured include packet loss, delay, jitter, the Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and Round Trip Time (RTT).

Proactive VoIP performance monitoring

Monitor VoIP quality across WAN infrastructure

Since the cloud is the communication medium, a VoIP calling endpoint never gets a dedicated end–to–end line unlike traditional circuit–switched networks. This can bring nightmares to network personnel who maintain VoIP call quality. They need continuous network health status of not just their own corporate WAN, but also that outside WAN precinct, through to ISP networks. By virtue of the Cisco IPSLA technology present in a wide number of network devices, VoIP Monitor provides in–depth QoS visibility over call paths within WAN and also for calls between corporate users and other users in ISP networks.

VoIP Monitor over WAN

Easily troubleshoot poor VoIP performance

Does huge packet loss happen during high bandwidth usage hours? Which user or which type of traffic consumed most bandwidth? OpManager Plus’ VoIP Monitor has in-depth NetFlow traffic reports placed alongside VoIP QoS trend graphs to help in quickly troubleshooting VoIP performance problems.

VoIP Monitor - Netflow traffic reports

Detailed Source & Destination Performance Reporting

The originator of a call could be within the corporate WAN and the called party could be located outside in the ISP network, or vice versa. VoIP Monitor provides Source-to-Destination and Destination-to-Source statistics on Packet Loss, Delay and Jitter values. You can now easily find out which side of the call faced poor VoIP quality and why.

VoIP Monitor - VoIP performance reports

Extensive VoIP Performance Reports

Reports for call traffic that happened days⁄months ago together with interface error & utilization reports help in trending, analysis & capacity planning of network resources. An immediate dashboard view of Top 10 call path reports by MOS, Packet Loss, Jitter, Latency, Maximum SLA violation and Maximum RTT ensures that you are in the know of likely problem areas.

VoIP Performance Monitor - VoIP QoS tremds

Automatically configure Cisco IP SLA

OpManager Plus’ VoIP Monitor automatically enables Cisco IP SLA in selected source routers. A VoIP template allows you to easily simulate different traffic loads so as to analyze VoIP service performance over varying VoIP traffic loads. All the threshold limit settings for alerts and alarms are also customizable for effective VoIP performance management.

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