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Network Bandwidth Management

Excessive bandwidth usage in one part of your network that can impact the entire network's performance. Bandwidth problems can even affect business-critical services and lead to network downtime. If you're simply buying additional bandwidth to mitigate this issue, but you may be only treating a symptom of a bigger problem. 

Before buying more bandwidth, you should consider using a network bandwidth manager to:

  1. Analyze the bandwidth usage patterns
  2. Check the application growth and number of new connections
  3. Monitor bandwidth usage on network by non-business applications
  4. Ability to control the excess bandwidth consumption

But how, you might ask?

NetFlow Analyzer, our bandwidth management tool, has the answers

  • See how efficiently you're managing your existing bandwidth capacity.
  • Know  whether you need to buy additional bandwidth.
  • Improve visibility into bandwidth usage, and measure usage by non-business applications.
  • Cut costs on bandwidth and hardware components by excreting bandwidth control to prevent excess bandwidth consumption.



With NetFlow Analyzer's network bandwidth management software, you can:

Analyze your bandwidth usage patterns

Network Bandwidth Management - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Identify top talkers in your network by application, protocol, QoS, and conversation to understand bandwidth usage patterns. NetFlow Analyzer's traffic summary dashboard and bandwidth usage reports will provide all the information you need for in-depth analysis of traffic consumption.

Check out application growth and the number of new connections

Network Bandwidth Management Tools - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

If you don't keep track of application growth and new conversations, you won't know if sudden increases in traffic need to be controlled or not. Capacity planning reports in NetFlow Analyzer allow you to follow bandwidth capacity trends and understand the cause of bandwidth usage growth.

Measure bandwidth usage by non-business applications

Network Bandwidth Management Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Identify traffic consumption by application, and check if non-business traffic is affecting the performance of critical services. With one of the best bandwidth manager, NetFlow Analyzer, you can drill down to application-level traffic to identify excess bandwidth usage.

Control excess bandwidth consumption

Bandwidth Manager - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Apply QoS policies and access control lists (ACLs) to reduce traffic consumption by unwanted sources and applications.

Why NetFlow Analyzer?

  • Better understand your network traffic speed and daily bandwidth utilization with easily customizable graphs and reports.
  • Collect and analyze flow data from multiple vendors including NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow, NetStream, and IPFIX.
  • Utilize advanced features such as Cisco NBAR2 monitoring, WLAN controller monitoring, CBQoS, IP SLA, and more.
  • Cut down the time it takes to troubleshoot bandwidth issues with advanced forensics reports.

NetFlow Analyzer makes wireless bandwidth management easy, and it works in both Windows and Linux environments. Start analyzing your network traffic and stop unwanted bandwidth usage in your network using this best-in-class network bandwidth management tool.

Try our free wireless network bandwidth manager!

By providing a real time usage statistics, NetFlow has empowered us to understand corporate in-house application network requirement and bandwidth usage. That has helped us in capacity planning and imposing required measurements. It is very user-friendly and away from routine network heavy terminology. My primary objective behind NetFlow Analyzer Solution was to bring visibility of network usage and based on that perform capacity planning for future application requirement, which I can confirm happily that fully achieved and more importantly seamlessly.

- Milan Modi

ME Area Communication Engineer, DHL

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