Network Usage Monitoring

Network usage monitor

Does your network often fall prey to network strain or bandwidth bottlenecks? Bottlenecks don’t necessarily mean insufficient bandwidth; they could be caused by anything ranging from bandwidth hogs to serious network threats. Monitoring your network closely and analyzing bandwidth usage and network traffic is important to get to the root of issues. NetFlow Analyzer is one of the most advanced network usage monitoring tools that helps you see what your bandwidth is being used for and by whom.

Real-time network usage monitoring

Real-time bandwidth monitoring is crucial for identifying bandwidth hogs and traffic spikes in the network. NetFlow Analyzer, our network usage monitoring software, proactively monitors your network, measures network usage, and analyzes every device, interface, user, app, and activity to help give a comprehensive overview of your network. With real-time data, you can have a bird’s-eye view of your network at all times, making it easier to prevent bottlenecks.

Network Usage Monitor - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Historical bandwidth usage trends

Besides offering real-time monitoring that helps you identify ongoing issues in the top layer, the ideal network usage monitor will constantly analyze usage patterns and historical data to identify any underlying issues that may affect your network in the long run. NetFlow Analyzer monitors traffic trends periodically to identify potential threats. It helps you gain detailed insights into what is going on in your network to ensure that your network bandwidth is being used right.

Network Usage Monitor Software - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Proactive alerting

Identifying bandwidth usage issues at the early stages is key to maintain a trouble-free network. A network usage monitor helps you identify network anomalies and excessive bandwidth usage by enabling you to create and manage utilization thresholds or limits. This helps ensure your mission-critical apps are prioritized without you having to manually keep an eye on the network 24x7.

NetFlow Analyzer helps you stay aware of network issues by notifying you in real time via threshold-based alert profiles. You’ll be notified when the usage, volume, speed, or packet count exceeds the given threshold within the set time period. These alerts are classified based on severity, and notifications can be triggered as an email, SMS, SNMP trap, or ServiceDesk Plus ticket, enabling you to proactively analyze and troubleshoot network issues in your enterprise faster.

Network Usage Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

Network usage reports

NetFlow Analyzer provides network admins with a plethora of customizable network usage reports that help you track network usage and analyze network performance. This includes:

  • The Inventory report that helps monitor bandwidth usage on network with metrics like volume, speed, utilization, packet count, jitter, and top conversations.
  • Search reports that provide a comprehensive view of the IN and OUT network usage of any device, interface, or application in your network.
  • The Compare report that offers detailed comparisons of device traffic over various time periods.
  • The advanced Forensics report that helps you identify network traffic issues in real time, making troubleshooting them easier and faster.
  • Bandwidth usage forecast and capacity planning reports that check network usage patterns to help predict, analyze, and plan your bandwidth needs.

These reports can be customized, scheduled, and exported via email or as PDF, XLS, and CSV files.

Network Usage Monitoring Tool - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer 

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